Christians Against Poverty

CAP-logo_PRIMARY-440x440Christians Against Poverty in Doncaster

It was good to see fifteen churches represented at the CAP Consultation on 16 September and I am writing as promised to summarise the meeting, to seek your views on next steps and to identify the measure of financial support this initiative might attract.

It was clear that each of us represented a local church, were involved in ecumenical partnerships in our respective areas, belonged to denominational or other national streams and were part of the OHOV network.

We provisionally concluded that it would be good if each local church was encouraged to operate the CAP Money Course ( £45 per person to be trained to deliver the course)

We sought to establish CAP Job Clubs on an ecumenical basis in each of our areas ( £40 per month to receive resources and advice from CAP)

We investigated the possibility of establishing a CAP Centre for Doncaster ( this will involve a payment of £6000 per year to CAP for their back office function and management support and £8-£10,000 per year to employ the Centre Manager for 2 days each week).

CAP explained at the meeting that their preferred model would be to partner with one church with that church then co-ordinating links with other churches who would commit resources and befriending team members to follow up,in their own church and locality,referrals made by the Centre Manager (who would receive his/ her pastoral support from the partner church).

We saw a clear link with Doncaster Food Bank with the possibility of inserting a CAP leaflet into each food parcel.

CAP invited us to look to open one CAP Centre now and then add other centres as the work develops.

Two questions therefore arise :-

1. Can we get the required level of funding together? ( CAP will let us have a breakdown of the back office costs to justify the £6000 annual payment and provide an explanation for the salary level of £8-£10,000)

2. Can we identify people who might fit the bill for Centre Manager? ( CAP will provide us with a person specification and job description and reserve the right to veto our suggestions)

Please prayerfully consider this summary and questions, discuss within your own church/stream and let me have your response. We were encouraged at the meeting to “get on with it”, given the pressing needs of many in our Borough.